Relatives of young people who have been killed or injured by

weapons have called for an end to gun and knife crime at a

peace march in London.

The event began at Clapton Pond in Hackney, east London, at midday, and ended with a rally at Tottenham Green, in north London two hours later. Organisers included local parents, youth workers, and community activists. Marchers also demanded more investment in youth centres and activities for young people.


'Parents grieving'

Sharon Lewis, one of the founding members of Communities Against Guns and Knives, told BBC London 94.9: "We need to remember those who have died, past and present, and we also need to remember parents who are grieving for their children.

"We need to be around them. We need to know their children have not died in vain. We need to be supporting them."


Speakers at the rally included actor Kwame Kwei-Armah, Cheryl Sealey, from Mothers Against Guns, and local Broadwater Farm community worker Classford Stirling MBE.

At least 21 teenagers have been killed with a knife or gun in London alone this year.

The march was organised by local parents and community activists


March organised by local parents and community activists

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Communities Against Guns and Knives Crime CAGK was organised by five colleagues who came together back in April 2007 following deaths among our young people pass and present who had lost their lives by the gun of knife. CAGK had their first meeting on the 1st June 2007 at the Broadwater Farm Estate and CAGK's first meeting proved to be a success among our young people on the Broadwater Farm Estate and various agencies from different services and boroughs.


Communities Against Gun & Knife Crime also known as CAGK is made up of :


Chairman:          Danny Bryan

Vice Chairman:  Steve Pessao

Secretary:         Sharron Lewis

Fund Raiser:      Elaine Cunnea

Treasurer:          Maria Cunningham


Each member of CAGK works directly with the community in their professional jobs, the work that each member does has a direct impact into the lives of young people and their families by engaging them in various agencies to meet their needs.


CAGK is a voluntary organisation and our aim is to offer workshops and training on the following topics which focus on educational awareness to prevent the next generation of young children getting involved with guns and knives crime.


CAGK works with young people from the ages of 10 to 18 years, and their families who life has been affected by gun and knife crime.



Workshops and Training Programmes:


All workshops and training are facilitated by professional staff who have been subjected to CRB checks.



The  purpose of this organisation is to bring the community together by redeveloping our relationship with young people and their families through listening and supporting them to engage in positive educational programmes and activities, so that we can help steer them away from the culture of guns and knives.


CAGK local aims are to: outreach into the community focus and put into action families and young people engaging with various agencies, training programmes, work experience which will enable the person(s) to use their skills and learn new skills.


The target Group

Any child or young person under the age of 25 who is vulnerable and disadvantage.


Who Should Take Action

Teachers, Learning Mentors and Peer mentors, Church, Community, Voluntary Workers & Youth Workers.


Programme Delivery

Guns & Knives workshop delivered by CAGK and victims who have been effective by guns and knives crime.


Peer Mentoring Programmes

Delivered by Mentor Co-ordinators (which would include role plays)


Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Programmes

Delivered by drug workers which include qualified shaitu therapist.



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